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If you love the famous Sweetzone Happy Bears  then you’ll love the fact that this tub has 600 of them. Perfect for a sweet snack when you’re hungry and in need of a pick me up, but as there is 600 of them they make great sharers. If you’re buying them for a business, party, wedding or any other occasions then they make the perfect 1p sweets and as they are stored in a container they are easy to put away. These giant Happy Bears are delicious taste that all Sweetzone sweets have. The first Sweetzone sweet was made in 2003 and since then it has won awards for most trustworthy confectionary brand, so you can be sure that the right ingredients and expertise has gone into making these Sweetzone Happy Bears as enjoyable as possible.

Soft and juicy fruit flavoured Happy Bears, bursting to the top with yumminess! This is the classic Jelly bear packed with fruitiness and the perfect jelly texture.

Happy Bears are quality sweets with cute little bears in an assortment of colours. Ours come in an assortment of 5 flavours and colours

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