Nerds Big Chewy Theatre Box – 4.25oz (120.4g)


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Big Chewy Nerds are a delicious and unique candy from the Nerds candy brand. These candies are larger, chewier versions of the original Nerds candies, providing a satisfying and tangy crunch in every bite. Each piece is a delightful, irregularly-shaped nugget, featuring a sweet, gummy centre encased in a crunchy candy shell.

Big Chewy Nerds come in an assortment of bold, fruity flavours, such as strawberry, grape, orange, and lemon, giving candy lovers a variety of tastes to enjoy. These sweet treats are perfect for those who love a combination of textures and flavours in their candy, offering a balance between sweetness, tartness, and crunchiness.

Imported from the USA.

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