Kidsmania Soda Can Fizzy Candy (6 pack) 42g


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Pop open a can of Fizzy Soda candy, pop one of the hard candies in your mouth, and enjoy the pop and fizz as it dissolves and tickles your taste buds. The soft-drink-themed candy comes as a six pack of your favourite soda flavours: Sprint (lemon-lime), Splash (grape), Crash (orange), and Loca Cola (cola, of course). Each “can” has a pull tab on the lid, allowing you to pour a couple of the hard candy nuggets into your hand and close it up to save the rest for later. Then throw the mini-lozenges into your mouth to experience the big, sweet flavour of soda… including the fizz! The amazing flavours will make your mouth water and trigger a reaction with the candy, causing it to continually sparkle and fizz in your mouth just like soda pop!

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