Cry Baby Sour Mini Drinks 39g


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Are you a fan of wax bottles? We know we are! And honestly, it’s kind of hard to find someone who isn’t! There is just something really satisfying about the combination of waxy chewiness that you have to bite through to get to the sweet liquid inside. But, what if you’re not a sweet fan? What if your sweet tooth, actually leans more in the sour direction? Well, Cry Baby Sour Mini Drinks are here to help!

Ideal for the sour wax bottle lovers in our midst, Cry Baby Sour Mini Drinks are just what you need. Each bag contains an assortment of Blastin Blue Raspberry, Chargin Cherry, Lightning Lemon, Lectric Lime, and Overload Orange flavors. And with ten sour syrup filled bottles in every bag, you’ll have enough to share with your friends. As an added bonus, these are also gluten free and made in a peanut free facility!

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