Atomic Fireball – Cinnamon Jawbreakers (5 pieces) (40g)


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Not for the faint of heart! These retro candies are reserved for those who want some spice in their lives, and their taste buds! Atomic Fireball is a hard, round, spicy candy much like a jawbreaker. They have a hot strong cinnamon flavour that slowly mellows into pure sweetness as it dissolves. If you are passionate, fiery and fierce, Atomic Fireball’s are definitely for you!
The most notable thing about these Retro Candies has to be the heat factor. There is actual capsaicin added to these delicious candies. Capsaicin is also found in hot peppers and is the compound in them that actually makes them hot! Capsaicin is said to have many health benefits, some believe that it provides pain relief and reduces inflammation. So really these Atomic Fireball Candy could have some health benefits, besides being delicious!

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